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Benaiah brown, root work

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur from Fort Worth, TX who’s hungry for personal growth and feels called to help other people who are too. I use a process I call Root Work, a method for reprogramming beliefs and emotion-based habits.

By day I run an online marketing and branding company called Bright Tiger. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually either working on myself, working on this, or walking along the Trinity River.

My Background

I’ve been to 14 churches and 6 recovery programs. I spent 3.5 years and over $20k on therapy. I’ve been to 10 countries and worked in 9 industries.

I have an MBA from the hardest program in the country, which is ironically no longer accredited. I also graduated with a 3.7 GPA from a respected university, where I ironically learned almost nothing.

I’ve given everything I have to find a path to honest-to-goodness personal transformation. After searching for the better part of a decade, I met my mentor Dr. Robin Perry Braun, who showed me an extraordinary process for reprogramming subconscious thought patterns. I took her training and started practicing the process on myself and began seeing significant, rapid, and permanent changes in my thoughts and emotional wellbeing. Today, I’m a different man.

How Root Work Helped Me

Root Work has completely changed my life.

For instance, I’m confident and well-spoken where I used to be insecure and tongue-tied.

Before, I was constantly dissociating, traveling far away in my head from wherever I was.

Now I’m able to be present in the moment, significantly more aware of my surroundings than the average person.

I’m much higher-functioning, generally finding excitement and positive potential in situations that used to cause me intense anxiety and stress.

In other words, I know firsthand how powerful Root Work is for creating lasting transformation. That’s why I made this site, so that other people can experience the same level of healthy change.


Lives Changed