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Dream Interpretation

Decoding Subconscious Messages for Life-Changing Revelation

Your Dreams Contain Life-Changing Insight

Every great culture in recorded history has viewed dreams as a sacred source of information. In fact, God has always given humanity dreams for guidance: visiting kings, preserving civilizations, imparting wisdom, providing personal warnings, and changing the course of world history.

As such, dreams are an irreplaceable source of insight. I have personally witnessed God use dreams to give:

  • Key information for healing and transformation
  • Revelation of personal design and destiny
  • Warnings about current events and potential mistakes
  • Future premonitions
  • An arena for spiritual warfare and inner victory
  • Strategies for wealth creation
  • Promises for your future
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“When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.”

Numbers 12:6

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“The person who looks outward dreams, the person who looks inward awakens.”

-Carl Jung

The History of Dream Interpretation

In Scripture

Scripture is full of examples of God’s use of dreams to guide individuals at key turning points in their lives. Perhaps the most famous example is the set of dreams that He gave to Pharaoh and interpreted through Joseph in the Book of Genesis. These warned Pharaoh about an impending season of famine that would devastate all of the known world. Had Pharaoh not heeded the dream and its interpretation, the nations of Egypt and Israel would not exist today.

In Psychology

In the 20th century, the famous psychiatric pioneers William James, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud routinely analyzed their patients’ dreams for insight into their personalities and needs. Jung in particular was known for accurately interpreting key revelations for his patients’ health and wellbeing. These revelations included the roots of their behaviors and starkly accurate depictions of their secret activities. In one instance, Jung warned his patient that his mountaineering activities would lead to his death if he continued them. The patient ignored the warning and died a year later.

My Approach to Interpreting Dreams

I use a collaborative approach with my clients to find the meaning of their dreams, asking questions and sharing my insights as they come. This allows me to:

  1. Gather context about their history and ongoing experiences, which usually are informing the dream;
  2. Demonstrate the process of interpretation so that they can see how conclusions were formed and learn how to interpret themselves.

The goal is accurate, actionable insight that can be tested for accuracy and used for results. I will not consider an interpretation finished unless it contains such details.

Usually 1 hour is enough time for 1-2 dreams. However, dreams vary in length and complexity and may take multiple sessions to decode.

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My Process Focuses on:


Actionable Insight

Asking the Right Questions

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How I Found Dream Interpretation

My journey with dreams began in 2017, shortly after I met the Holy Spirit. Realizing that God could speak to people through dreams, I asked Him to start giving me dreams. Immediately I started dreaming every night, and my new morning routine became studying the dreams for interpretation, often for hours at a time. Since then, I’ve interpreted dreams professionally for entrepreneurs, governmental advisors, and individuals seeking healing and direction.

Shortly after becoming IBR certified, I saw an increasing number of my clients having memorable dreams. After seeing the positive impact my interpretations had on my clients’ healing, decision-making, and quality of life, I began offering it as a complementary service.

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