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Root Work

Belief Reprogramming & Emotional Healing

Root Work is a process that identifies the subconscious source of your triggers, insecurities, and self-sabotaging behavior. Then it replaces these with healthy belief systems for significant and lasting personal transformation.

The Core Principles

Root Work is based on the following principles:

#1 – Human beings only act in accordance with their beliefs.
#2 – Beliefs are emotion-based convictions, rooted in feeling rather than logic.
#3 – Beliefs drive behavior & attract corresponding actions from the world around us.
#4 – Beliefs & emotions are types of thoughts, and all thoughts are energy.
#5 – All energy has a frequency. Therefore emotions & beliefs can be detected & identified.
#6 – All energy is transferrable. Therefore emotions & beliefs can be released & replaced.

Human Beings Are 100% Belief-Driven.

We do everything based on what we actually believe.

Beliefs are not intellectual agreement. They are conviction grounded in emotion. Meaning, they are formed with a subconscious explanation for an emotional experience.

We are making 35,000 decisions per day based on our subconscious explanations for our past experiences.

Put another way, we are knee-jerking our way through life based on bad programming.

How Beliefs Are Formed

I’ll use myself as an example.

When I was in the 2nd grade, I liked this girl named Ellie. She never liked me back, despite my best efforts, and sometimes she was kinda mean about it. This caused the emotion of rejection.

Now emotions are thoughts, and visceral ones at that. And thoughts don’t exist in a vacuum. By nature they replicate and form associations with other thoughts. In other words, I had a powerful and painful emotional thought taking up physical space in my body, demanding an explanation for its existence.

A note here about negative emotions – they’re natural, but they’re also toxic to hold onto. When they arise, that energy needs to be released. If it doesn’t get released, it gets trapped.

In this case, my emotion of rejection was never processed and released. Instead it stayed put in my body, making a commotion. And my subconscious, which is always trying to make sense of everything it experiences, came up with a simple explanation for its existence: “I’m not attractive to the opposite sex.”

This new negative thought latched itself to that emotion of rejection, forming a belief thought pattern. As I continued to interact with the opposite sex while I grew up, I would filter those experiences through the framework of this thought pattern. And every time those interactions didn’t go my way, my Ellie Programming was more than happy to offer an explanation. Thus the thought pattern got stronger.

So twenty years later, I could be interacting with a full-grown woman as a full-grown man, and I might find her attractive. But if she did anything in that interaction to make me feel any possibility of rejection (which wouldn’t be hard, since my Ellie Programming would already make me expect this subconsciously) I would time travel back to 2nd grade physiologically, reminded of that painful experience. This would make me behave in a hundred different ways in the present – through my body language, word choice, etc. – as though I was being rejected.

And guess what? That behavior would make this woman 100x more likely to reject me. In other words, I helped recreate the painful past experience I was trying to avoid and reinforced its harmful programming in one fell swoop.

This cycle is happening to all of us. All the time.

Your Beliefs Are Constantly Being Broadcasted

The problem gets worse. I’ll continue with the previous example.

As an adult, my interaction with a woman made me behave self-destructively. However, even if I’d managed to override my Ellie Programming in my outward behavior, it wouldn’t have solved the problem. This is because my body was still radiating the negative emotional energy of its rejection framework.

If that sounds kooky, consider this. You have an electromagnetic field. Everyone does. Our electromagnetic fields are always interacting, which is how we can feel each other’s emotions and pick up on a person’s mood. Your electromagnetic field is always communicating your emotional state, which is 90% subconscious and driven by your beliefs.

By the way, this is how lie detectors work. When you think about the truth, you are in a state of internal consistency, grounded in what is accurate and familiar. If you try to lie, your body’s frequency shifts, because the lie creates anxiety and disturbance in your internal alignment, weakening you and lowering your frequency. A lie detector just monitors your frequency and detects when it shifts, therefore revealing your lies.

In other words, even though the woman I talked with in my late 20s probably couldn’t have pinpointed exactly what energy she was picking up from me, she was definitely feeling it subconsciously. Because it was negative, it would’ve felt unpleasant, making her likely to reject me.

Root Work Uses This to Your Advantage

The good news is that all of this can work the other way around.

If we can detect each other’s emotions, we can train ourselves to do it with greater precision. We can identify the negative subconscious thought patterns that are holding us back.

Moreover, if those thought patterns are just energy, then we can release them, because energy is transferrable.

Finally, once that negative energy is cleared out, we can replace it with positive energy in the form of new, healthy beliefs about ourselves and the world. This can create significant and lasting transformation in our thoughts and behavior and attract better outcomes from our environment.

This is the essential process of Root Work.

I spent almost a decade searching for a way to grow. I had depression, chronic anxiety, insecurities, and a host of other issues. But I knew I didn’t have to have them. Change was possible, and I searched desperately for a method that would get me results. Unfortunately, nothing I found seemed very efficient.

Finally, after 14 churches, 6 self help groups, God-knows-how-many books, and over 3 years and $20k in therapy, I met my mentor Dr. Robin Perry Braun. When she shared these principles with me and showed me her process for reprogramming beliefs, I knew it was what I needed.

After several sessions with her, Robin offered to train me in her process. I accepted and spent a year practicing it on myself and others. Along the way, I started calling it “Root Work”, and it radically changed my life.

Get a Free Demonstration

I offer a free session to anyone who wants to experience this process firsthand. If that’s you, fill out the contact form below and we’ll schedule one. Most of my meetings are remote, but in-person sessions are available in Fort Worth, TX.

I hope it helps you as much as it has me.