Emotion Coach, Spiritual Advisor.

Resolving the blockages to spiritual and emotional health.

The Spiritual Glass Ceiling

Spiritual dynamics are often a glass ceiling holding back hard-working and intelligent people.

Trapped Emotional Pain

Emotions determine quality of life, making it crucial to identify and release negative roots.

Untapped Unique Potential

As we release and resolve what’s blocking you, we’ll identify and build on your unique essence.

What my clients say.

This Might Be For You If...

  • You know you're blocked, but you don't know where or how.
  • You're hungry for personal transformation and you know there's more.
  • You're playing your heart out and getting minimal results in your life.
  • You've tried every personality test and they haven't captured you.
  • You're open-minded and willing to try something radically different.
  • You're willing to work on yourself and see yourself clearly.
  • You won't settle for anything less than a meaningful, impactful life

How I help people.

Spiritual / Emotional Health Dynamics 

I’m a holistic health consultant focusing on the emotional and spiritual foundations of life, using hundreds of different tools and concepts depending on the needs of the client. 

  • Finding and releasing trapped emotions
  • Reprogramming subconscious beliefs
  • Resolving spiritual misalignment

Applied Kinesiology, a.k.a. Muscle Testing

I use a form of biofeedback known as muscle testing to pinpoint the specific blocks affecting you. No programs, no one-size-fits-all.

  • High degree of precision and personalization.
  • Targeting the highest priority for your highest good.
  • Holistic Wellness philosophy and approach.
get dream interpretation, alternative therapy

Finding and Building on Individual Design

The ultimate goal is to discover your core wiring and build on it. As we release the junk, we will look for your superpowers.

  • Identifying nature vs nurture, themes, and core design.
  • Advanced diagnostics including unique, proprietary tests.
  • Strategy to invest in the best parts of yourself.

Common Questions

How do you find spiritual or emotional blockages?

My primary identification tool is applied kinesiology, a.k.a. muscle testing. This tool is extremely precise even from remote distance, goes straight to the subconscious, and is able to find things you didn’t know that you didn’t know. I will also ask questions about your life and experiences and make use of that information. 

Why do you focus on emotional and spiritual health?

I believe these two areas are the most foundational to having a healthy and meaningful life, while simultaneously being the most unaddressed. While we are advancing in our understanding of (and respect for) emotional and spiritual health, we have a long way to go. We’ve barely scratched the surface on what is possible for healing in these areas. Two things bring me alive more than anything else: using what I’ve learned to help you, and continuing to search for better tools.

What are your credentials?

Mostly experience and an unusual life journey! 10+ years relentlessly pursuing personal transformation and finding it, 1,000+ hours of work on myself and others, a highly unusual set of experiences including a career spanning six industries, an MBA from a socratic school, and a CNHP certificate (Certified Natural Health Professional) from a respected natural health school. All of this has added up to a highly unique approach to holistic transformation. I am not licensed in anything, and I am not any kind of doctor.

There is more.

If you’re one of those people who has left it all on the field, who is still stuck after trying conventional approaches, or who simply knows there is more, you're who I want to work with.