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What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is prompting the body with a physical stimuli along with a statement that is either true or false about what it is dealing with and what it needs. The human body is naturally designed to tell the truth and resonate with the truth, and it communicates via electricity through your nervous system. Therefore it is prone to give a stronger"knee-jerk" reaction to statements that are true rather than false.

Muscle testing was first used in the 1960s by chiropractors to identify structural issues in the body. In recent years nutritionists, integrative practitioners, naturopaths and wellness consultants have increasingly used muscle testing to determine what a particular client may be lacking nutritionally, and which components of the body may want additional support.

With my clients I use muscle testing primarily to identify trapped emotional issues and spiritual dynamics. I focus on these two areas because I believe they are foundational to life and are usually the most neglected realms of wellness.

How Does Muscle Testing Work?

Your body is designed to tell the truth.

A lie detector test works by monitoring a person's frequency. When you tell the truth, your frequency is strong and stable. When you lie, your energy becomes more erratic, and the machine picks up on the change. This principle is crucial to understanding muscle testing. Your body will have a stronger "knee-jerk" towards the truth. Therefore it will have a strong response to a true statement about itself and its current state relative to a statement that's false.

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Your body thinks and remembers.

While you can only consciously process 50 bits of information per second, the human brain alone processes 11 million bits of information in the same time frame. Furthermore, research shows that multiple organs in your body besides the brain possess memory and feeling. In other words, your body remembers everything important that has ever happened to you and carries the emotions, beliefs, and trauma associated.

Your spirit is knows even more than your body.

Modern scientific research is slowly catching up to the reality of the human spirit. It is well-documented that human beings have the capacity for awareness and consciousness that transcends the limits of the body. This may explain how a person can muscle test supplements for themselves that they have never heard of, only to discover that the particular supplement is known to assist with their exact and current symptoms.

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Everything is energy and carries a frequency.

Emotions, beliefs, nutrients, toxins, and even spiritual dynamics are all energy. All energy carries a frequency, and frequency is detectable by the human body. Therefore it's able to communicate the presence of anything energetic, not just purely "physical" issues like structural or nutritional dynamics. The exact limits of muscle testing are unknown, but anecdotal evidence is increasingly showing it to be effective for identifying "energetic" dynamics.

Muscle testing can work across the world.

To date I have successfully worked with clients in Guatemala, Budapest, and England, as well as clients across the United States. Time and again results have shown muscle testing is capable of accurately detecting specific dates, events, people, and dynamics affecting my clients.

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How muscle testing helped my clients.


Does muscle testing for supplements work?

Muscle testing can be helpful for listening to your body for what it likes and what it doesn't. However, please note that muscle testing is not a diagnosis and should not be considered as a substitute for a diagnosis from a licensed medical professional. Always consult with your physician before taking any new supplements or making dietary changes.

Do you practice manual muscle testing?

99% of my clients work with me remotely. Therefore I muscle test my clients by muscle testing myself by proxy, that is, I muscle test myself for what my body is picking up from theirs. I don't need to touch them, though I always ask for their permission. Not only does this method work regardless of distance, I also find that it is much faster than using manual methods, partly because I don't need to establish their baseline level of resistance (what their body's "yes" and "no" feel like).

Is muscle testing spiritual or physical?

I believe that it is a mistake to compartmentalize the terms "physical" and "spiritual" as though they are mutually exclusive. Spiritual dynamics affect us physically, and physical dynamics affect spiritual reality. Frankly, the two go so hand-in-hand that they can't be separated neatly. Spiritual dynamics are simply universal laws (physics) that scientific methods can't yet measure or explain.

How does muscle testing work remotely?

I have two hypotheses on how remote muscle testing works as well as it does even from across the world. One explanation is that our electromagnetic fields are all connected to the earth's electromagnetic field. A telephone pole in Florida can send a signal to a pole in Maine as long as they're on the same network. If earth's electromagnetic current connects us all the same way, in theory it could carry the signals.

Another hypothesis is that the trans-dimensional nature of the human spirit allows it to connect with another spirit and exchange information regardless of distance. The truth is, we don't know for sure why it works so well. But then again, I don't know exactly how my car runs, or why turning a key in it turns it on, but that doesn't stop me from driving it all over the place.

Are applied kinesiology and muscle testing the same thing?

Yes. The terms are used interchangeably. Some practitioners use one, some use the other.

How can I learn how to muscle test?

There are a number of great resources available if you're interested in learning how to muscle test. If you would like one-on-one coaching, I can offer it at my normal hourly rate.

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