Spiritual Advisor in Fort Worth, TX

Removing the invisible weights that restrict holistic success.

Benaiah Brown, spiritual advisor

What is a spiritual advisor?

There are a wide variety of problems that conventional wisdom, self-help, and scientific discovery cannot explain. These dynamics often defy the principles that culture acknowledges and celebrates - hard work, intelligence, diet and exercise, etc. When these cause-and-effect relationships fail to produce results, spiritual cause-and-effect needs to be considered.

That's where I come in. As a spiritual advisor, I will help you identify the specific spiritual dynamics that are measurably affecting you and guide you in resolving them.

Spiritual laws are the universal glass cage.

Despite the well-documented existence of spiritual dynamics, our culture remains largely ignorant of the spiritual universal law. Rarely are spiritual issues seriously considered as a potential root cause of a problem, and when they are they are not identified with much specificity. As a result, they are rarely resolved. My role as a spiritual advisor is to pinpoint which of these dynamics is affecting you, with actionable information on how to resolve it.

My values and my approach as a Spiritual Advisor

Actionable information

Far too often language around spiritual dynamics is too vague to do anything with. If it’s not actionable, it’s not helpful. With every issue and concept identified with my clients, my commitment is specificity, clarity, and thorough understanding on both sides so that the issue can be properly addressed.

No one-size-fits-all

I don’t use a program or set process with any of my clients. Every individual has a unique design, story, and generational line, and therefore their needs will vary drastically. If you work with me, you will get a individualized work based on a combination of discernment, applied kinesiology, your design and story, and an ever-expanding toolbox of thousands of principles and modalities.

Spirit, soul, and body

Every human being is a soul and has a spirit in a physical body. This is God’s design, and it is an essential paradigm for personal transformation. Each portion is richly complex and requires specific ministry. At the same time, it is impossible to compartmentalize them: the overall health of one will affect the others.

Biofeedback, discernment, and conversation

Spiritual dynamics can be detected by the human body. With my clients I use applied kinesiology (a.k.a) muscle testing in combination with discernment, questions, and general pattern recognition to identify spiritual issues affecting them.

Diverse methods, continuous improvement

I don't specialize in any one area of spiritual assistance (ex: generational curses, unclean spirits, trauma bonds to time or land, etc.). I am constantly adding new tools and approaches for the staggering diversity of spiritual dynamics that can affect individuals.

What my clients say.


What is your religion / faith / worldview?

My framework is exclusive sovereignty of Jesus Christ and the validity and inerrancy of the original Biblical Scriptures. I work with people of all faiths. 

Why do you focus on spiritual health?

I focus on spiritual health because it is, without question, the most neglected and misunderstood area of life and wellness, particularly in the west. I also believe it is the most powerful and catalytic area of life, and often where the low-hanging fruit is waiting for measurable, lasting, positive change.

How do I know if an issue is spiritual?

In general we should consider spiritual factors when we have worked hard to fix a problem, tried every conventional method, and still seen minimal change. Moreover, when we see anomalies that defy verified principles in the physical world, spiritual dynamics are likely at play. With my clients, I use a combination of conversation and applied kinesiology to identify the presence of a spiritual dynamic, which specific dynamic it is, the context, the root cause, and the specific remedy.

Where did you learn how to identify and resolve spiritual issues?

I spent over a decade desperately pursuing personal growth and a life that worked. I tried just about everything mainstream culture had to offer: counseling, church, 12 step programs, self-help, seminars, paid mentorship programs, inner healing and deliverance, etc. Some of these things helped. Most of them didn't. It wasn't until I discovered spiritual principles outside of mainstream western awareness that I saw large leaps forward in my personality, baseline emotions, and overall life flow. At this point, I have spent thousands of hours applying these principles and seeing results in my life and the lives of others.

Do you see every problem as a spiritual problem?

I believe it's a necessary evil to compartmentalize "spiritual" and "physical". With that said, no. Many issues can be explained and resolved through physical means. For example, emotions are verified to be a physical issue, nutrition has been shown to impact mood, etc.

Everything is spiritual.

No matter where you are in your journey, you are being affected by universal spiritual laws. The transformative results of engaging with these dynamics through cause-and-effect principles can be staggering. If you’re interested in exploring this topic, schedule a call with me.